Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ Golf Marathon



The Golf Marathon starts early with breakfast at the clubhouse.  Then, you'll tee off at 7 AM, be served on the golf course all day long, and come in at 4:30 PM for dinner, where prizes will be awarded for your efforts.  After dinner, you can feel free to head home or return to the golf course for more golf.


It's like two mulligans on each shot--a golf fanatic's dream!  Each golfer plays his own personal scramble with three balls on every hole, a great way to refine your game.

  • On every shot, the two worst shots are picked up and dropped at the spot of the best shot.
  • A caddy and cart are provided for each golfer to help retrieve and place shots.
  • Two trips through the course, playing three balls per shot, results in 108 holes played.


To sign up, click on "REGISTER"  and fill in your information.  You'll be given instructions to create your own personal fundraising page so you can get started raising funds.  If you want to raise funds offline or have a copy of our Golf Marathon Handbook, please click here.


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